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yet new, would have looked with consternation on halls

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[1] These must have been Tao-ching and Hwuy-king.

yet new, would have looked with consternation on halls

[2] Probably the Safeid Koh, and on the way to the Kohat pass.

yet new, would have looked with consternation on halls

[3] All the texts have Kwuy-king. See chapter xii, note 13.

yet new, would have looked with consternation on halls

[4] A very natural exclamation, but out of place and inconsistent from the lips of Fa-hien. The Chinese character { .}, which he employed, may be rendered rightly by "fate" or "destiny;" but the fate is not unintelligent. The term implies a factor, or fa-tor, and supposes the ordination of Heaven or God. A Confucian idea for the moment overcame his Buddhism.

[5] Lo-e, or Rohi, is a name for Afghanistan; but only a portion of it can be here intended.

[6] We are now therefore in 404.

[7] No doubt the present district of Bannu, in the Lieutenant- Governorship of the Punjab, between 32d 10s and 33d 15s N. lat., and 70d 26s and 72d E. lon. See Hunter's Gazetteer of India, i, p. 393.

[8] They had then crossed the Indus before. They had done so, indeed, twice; first, from north to south, at Skardo or east of it; and second, as described in chapter vii.

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